Your Gateway to the Stellar Network's Data.

Discover the most powerful managed indexer designed for the Stellar Network. Mercury supports Soroban, Stellar Classic, and integrates our Zephyr VM to allow further customizability.

Mercury makes interacting with Stellar and Soroban data easy and with no-setup.

Built For Stellar

Mercury is specifically designed for Stellar and Soroban. Its stellar development-oriented indexing capabilities will generally allow for significant time saving and no need for customization.

No-Setup & Cost Efficient

Work with a managed service which requires no setup on your side. Moreover, our ingestion mechanism is focused on preventing bloats, thus reducing costs. Thanks to our subscription model you only pay for what we really store for you.

Write Custom Logic

Through our ZephyrVM, developers who need further customizability in the processing flow can write and deploy to Mercury custom logic in any WASM-compatible language.

Built for Stellar

Mercury is built specifically for the Stellar (and Soroban) ecosystem, and its indexing capabilities are stellar developement-oriented. For the majority of use cases our queries and indexes already meet developer needs, meaning that the work and set-up on the user's side is minimized with great benefits in terms of time-saving.


Mercury is a managed service: this means that users won't have to set up and run any instance in order to use it, while we're going to take care of that for you. This makes very easy and straightforward to start indexing data with Mercury, not to mention the important savings in economic terms.


Cost Efficient

Mercury works with a subscription-based model, allowing us to store only the specific data that users are requesting, instead of the whole Network's data. Database costs are therefore minimized and users pay only for what they need, resulting in consistent savings. Moreover, our ingestion mechanism (based on our library rs-ingest) is focused on preventing bloats, helping to further reduce costs

The ZephyrVM

What if you want to interact with Stellar data in a more customized manner? We empower users with a cloud code execution environment that operates in symbiosis with the Stellar network and can interact with the Mercury database locally: the Zephyr VM.

Through the Zephyr VM you will be able to deploy to cloud small applications that run for every new ledger close with access to the whole ledger metadata. These programs are also able to read and write Mercury's database safely. This allows anyone to build specialized services that rely on the network's data without needing any form of setup or infrastructure.

Step 1

Write your data processing code

Step 2

Deploy it to Mercury's cloud

Step 3

Your program is now running and is executed for every new ledger.

You can query what it writes to the database through Mercury's GraphQL API.

Our Timeline

We started out by working on rs-ingest, a rust library for custom ingestion from Stellar core.
Started Mercury
We decided to start working on a managed indexing service, leveraging the work we had already done on rs-ingest.
SCF Funded
We got financial support from the SCF to continue working on the product.
We released the ALPHA version of Mercury, which was a barebones implementation of the service.
BETA Candidates Rollouts
Released pre-candidate BETA versions with always more features.
Release the BETA release, with complete soroban and stellar classic indexing (with wallets-specific aggregations as well).
Mercury + Zephyr rollout candidates
Start releasing versions of Mercury that integrate Zephyr.
Mercury + Zephyr BETA
BETA release of Mercury with the Zephyr integration.
Metering and heavy testing
Metering implementation and making sure Mercury is ready for production.
First release
First stable Mercury release.

About Us

Mercury is being developed by xyclooLabs, a developement team focused on Stellar and Soroban. Through our projects, we're focused on providing the users of the Stellar network with the best possible on-chain and off-chain experience!

Our team has been working on Stellar for more than three years and has been focusing on Soroban since the early releases. Through our projects and open-source contributions (such as utility crates, protocols and SDKs) we are currently committed to power a better DeFi experience on Soroban.

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